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Current Email Scam

By Steve Wholer / May 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Current Email Scam

Hello everyone,   There is a scam email going around. This email supposedly comes from ‘Microsoft’ stating that “Your Mail Quota Has Been Reached”.   Please do not open or click on any links within this email. Also please remember to always check who the email comes from as this is your starting point to […]

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Did you know that PayPal is considered safer to use online than your credit card?

By Steve Wholer / May 6, 2022 / Comments Off on Did you know that PayPal is considered safer to use online than your credit card?

Did you know that PayPal is considered safer to use online than your credit card? Highly advised as one of the safest ways to do online transactions, PayPal uses some of the best high-end encryption available. PayPal stores all their data in a single online vault, rather than your credit card which can be stored […]

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Covid Strikes The Office Again!

By Steve Wholer / May 3, 2022 / Comments Off on Covid Strikes The Office Again!

Covid strikes the office again! The super invincible Steve has had a run in with the illusive Covid-19. After managing to avoid it over the last few years, unfortunately he tested positive on Tuesday morning. Here’s to Steve getting plenty of rest and recovering well. We need some good news to brighten your day – […]

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Fancy a new monitor?

By Steve Wholer / April 24, 2022 / Comments Off on Fancy a new monitor?

Fancy a new monitor? With all that’s been going on in the world – treat yourself! With a perfect 27” size, this beauty will be right at home in your set up! It has a sweet 5ms response time and full HD for those sneaky lunch time episodes! Maybe even get two and watch while […]

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Services We Offer

By Steve Wholer / April 20, 2022 / Comments Off on Services We Offer

WAitS provides Computer and IT Support for the small business sector and home-based operators. We have cost-effective methods for minimising network disasters and threats by strengthening your IT infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services including: Protecting systems against malware and cyber attacks  Cloud systems support and domain hosting  Microsoft 365 – A modern […]

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Finally Sold the Boat

By Steve Wholer / April 11, 2022 / Comments Off on Finally Sold the Boat

Many of you already knew that we had brought a fancy new boat, but we were yet to sell the old one. After a few licks of paint, some interior touch ups and a brand-new name, the old beast is finally gone. Onto new adventures!  

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