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Cyber Security

Home and small business are very prone to malicious cyber-attacks, and require high-quality security and protection.

We know that the security needs of yourself or your company will vary widely depending on the size and setting of your business or home office. No matter the size, networks are susceptible to malicious attacks. Protecting your network and valuable data against these threats is important for every client, regardless of their scale.

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A solid cybersecurity framework not only stops data breaches and cyber incidents but also safeguards your company's reputation, ensuring customer trust remains intact and loyalty stays strong. It's a shield against threats that could harm your business and the relationships you've built with your customers.

Cyber attacks can disrupt business operations, leading to downtime that can be costly. Robust cybersecurity measures help maintain the continuity of operations, preventing disruptions that could affect productivity and revenue.

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Quality Service

Steve has been providing top tier, quality IT support for over 20 years. With our vast knowledge and keen eyes, you know you're in good hands.

Super Support

No matter how big or small your business it, WAITS is here to help. Whether it is trouble choosing a new laptop, to even setting it up hassle free.

Managed IT

WAITS provides plenty of different IT support, including, call-out service, remote-in service, managed IT, business systemization, and more.

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