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Your online safety

is with us.

Premium cyber protection right at your fingertips.

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Born and bred in WA, providing you with

personal support from right here in



Safeguard your computer from

viruses, malicious attacks, scams

and fraud.


Complete protection solution specifically

created for your home or work computer.

ShieldGuard Elite takes care of your computer’s needs as well as alerting you to potential problems before they happen.

ShieldGuard Elite’s advanced technology helps protect the members of your family or workplace from any possible computer threats, malicious programs and undesirable downloads or websites.

Apart from providing a strict and reliable computer protection, this innovative product also takes care of your computer’s overall performance by inspecting your system regularly, ensuring you get the best out of your computer.


Personal, real-time threat detection. Locks down unknown files and sends them to WAITS to be analyzed by our team of experts, and quarantines them if they are dangerous.

Total Anti-virus Protection

Get protected from all types of malicious software like computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spywares. Keep your computer safe with ShieldGuard Elite's complete anti-virus technology.

Malware Threat Neutraliser

ShieldGuard Elite provides comprehensive malware protection, shielding your devices from malicious threats and ensuring a secure digital experience.

Online Safety Shield

Put your mind at ease while surfing the internet. ShieldGuard Elite's web protection sits in the background having a watchful eye in case a serious online threat attacks your network.

Software Installation Detection

ShieldGuard Elite provides advanced installation detection, keeping us informed about any unauthorized software installations on your devices, ensuring utmost security.

Digital Fortress Guardian

ShieldGuard Elite provides a robust firewall, shielding your devices from unauthorized access and malicious threats, ensuring a secure online experience.

Insightful System Surveillance

ShieldGuard Elite provides comprehensive computer monitoring, meticulously tracking activities and generating error log reports to ensure optimal performance and swift issue resolution.

Hardware Issue Detection

Have full control over certain programs and prevent undesirable applications and downloads from running on your computer.

Remote Control System

ShieldGuard Elite provides encrypted remote control access, ensuring the safety of children and the elderly by us being available for any concerns.

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Steve has been providing top tier, quality IT support for over 20 years. With our vast knowledge and keen eyes, you know you're in good hands.

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No matter how big or small your business it, WAITS is here to help. Whether it is trouble choosing a new laptop, to even setting it up hassle free.

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WAITS provides plenty of different IT support, including, call-out service, remote-in service, managed IT, business systemization, and more.

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