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Office 365

We recommend you seriously consider switching over to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange for emails, rather than domain hosted emails.

There are major benefits to having your emails managed through Microsoft.

  • You get a massive 50 GB mailbox per user and can send messages up to 150 MB in size (massive).
  • Superior syncing between devices if you receive emails on a mobile, a desktop or tablet. This one multiple device syncing feature is worth the switch.
  • 24/7 Microsoft Support Portal. You can access email support online directly with Microsoft.
  • This service also includes a web-client access portal, so you can access your emails online.
  • Every mailbox is protected with premier anti-malware and anti-spam protection via Exchange Online Protection.
  • Keep your inbox clean by automatically moving old messages to an In-Place Archive.
  • Calendar syncing between devices is totally automated. Never double-book or miss an appointment again.
  • Share calendars, have appointments set for you by your team, set appointments for others (if multiple account users).
  • Shared contacts, create contact lists, only share contacts as you see fit with who you see fit
  • Shared mailboxes, perfect when 2 or more need to handle a certain email account
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