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Every business today, big and small, depends on technology. It may be for business communication, globalisation, improved security, efficient operations, or optimised management. Whatever the use, one thing is clear: companies rely on technology because it improves business operations. But overreliance on technology means yet another critical thing: the business cannot do without these systems. As such, unforeseen damages to IT systems may mean business closure. Luckily, remote IT support has come in handy for prompt action and response. Whatever network issues or device damages may be impending, remote IT support addresses the issue beforehand.

What is Remote IT Support?

Remote IT support involves hiring an independent IT company to oversee the IT infrastructure of a company. Hiring efficient internal IT support can be expensive. More so, the right tools and software needed to effectively manage a business can be too costly to purchase. This is particularly the case for small and medium-sized businesses. As such, external or remote IT support services are procured. For all Western Australia businesses, the top choice has been WA Information Technology Services. WAITS offers a cost-effective method for minimizing network disasters and threats by strengthening business IT infrastructure.

- Exceptional IT Support

Integrating effective IT support for different industries and companies takes a great deal of time, skills, and resources. With all these at hand, WAITS offers these and other professional services:

- Proactive Server and Network Monitoring

The server is a vital piece of IT infrastructure since it serves information to other computers. Businesses rely on proper server and network operations for effective communication. This guarantees fast and efficient service, high levels of availability, and security.
WAITS guarantee smooth operations through software automation and monitoring. This is possible through our advanced remote monitoring and management tools. With such software, no matter how far a business is located, WAITS can manage and monitor applications, mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and more.
That said, issues are spotted even before they cause any tangible damage to businesses. More so, systems are protected from viruses and other external threats. This wholesomely keeps all IT infrastructure running at optimum efficiency.

- Safe and Secure Cloud Monitoring

Cybersecurity cannot be emphasized anymore in the 21st century. This is because as technology advances, more criminals are advancing right along with it. This, therefore, translates to a need for advanced security systems for businesses.
WAITS provides superior advanced security and encryption methods for advanced protection. This makes sure that all IT systems are functional, monitored, and efficient. When cloud monitoring is needed, WAITS also responds promptly to this need. Get advanced security with systems that are secure and trustworthy today.

- Optimum Performance and System Reliability

Western Australian businesses that have had a network or data security issues know what a catastrophe they can be. Financial losses, loss of privacy, bad business image, and many others. To avoid such disasters, get WAITS to keep the business's network and IT systems healthy.
From software updates, data backups, anti-malware updates, and other maintenance tasks, WAITS is up to the task. This guarantees optimum performance and reliability of the systems in day-to-day routines.

Why Choose WAITS for Your Remote It Support?

  • Prompt response- Any downtime could mean financial loss. Even before the issue is detected on your end, we act promptly to alleviate any IT problems
  • Save time and money - No need to schedule an on-site appointment or load up all computers to see a technician, we've got it covered at an affordable fee.
  • Secure connection - No lingering connections or personal information is shared. You remain in control, authorise all passwords and stay protected and secure.

How Does a Business Benefit from Remote IT support?

  • Without a doubt, there is reduced time loss because of reduced downtime.
  • Higher productivity because of 24/7 server and network monitoring and management.
  • Enhanced security and overall operational efficiency.

Contact WA Information Technology Services

We work on computers, so you don't have to. For all your remote IT Support needs, WA Information Technology Service (WAITS) is the go-to. Renowned as the top choice for small and medium businesses in Perth, Western Australia, we've got you covered. Call us today on 9329 6872.

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