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5 ways to keep your passwords safe

With more and more working from home, it is the upmost dire need to keep your passwords safe. These passwords are the entry point to any critical data your computer has, so here are a few ways to keep them safe and secure from unwanted eyes.


  1. Start right with a good, strong password. Try to keep your passwords within 8-20 characters and use words that have no connection. Use at least 1 number and 1 symbol to make your password strong, complex, and difficult to hack.
  2. Don’t use the same password. Even though you might have dozens of accounts, try to keep the passwords for each different – especially if you’re using the same email. This really helps in making sure your information isn’t vulnerable.
  3. Never write down your password. Even storing them in excel and word is risky and dangerous. Instead, opt to store them in a password manager – these are the simplest and safest way to store passwords.
  4. Always logout. Logging in and out each time will not only protect your data while you’re not using it, but it will also strengthen your memory for that password.
  5. Change your password. Easy and simple, change your password every 60-90 days to ensure protection.
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