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How often should I upgrade my laptop?

In the time we are in, your laptop is probably your best friend – meaning you probably use it every day. Whether it gets used for school, work, or personal use, it will eventually need to be replaced. This generally is about every three to five years. The less it gets used, the longer it …

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Computer mites – what are they?

Computer mites – more commonly know as mould mites – are little aphid-like bugs that love to live inside your computer, or more commonly found, inside your laptop. They’re harmless to humans and don’t worry – they don’t have the ability to fly. They are extremely small and take a keen eye to spot – …

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How to clean your keyboard and mouse

Lift the keyboard upside down and gently tap/shake to remove loose debris. For a more thorough clean, disconnect your keyboard from the computer Take note of the keys’ location, and remove using a tight grip with your finger, or a blunt knife to gently wedge the key cap out, careful not to damage the key …

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5 Basic components of a computer

Every computer needs these 5 components (plus others) to start up. Everyone who owns a laptop, computer, phone, or anything electronical should have a good idea of what’s inside the machines we all use daily.   Motherboard – Ties the computers components together on one spot and allows them to communicate with each other. Without …

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What to look for in a good laptop

Working from home has taken a huge toll on the computer market, but a lot of workers also might not be able to afford a good computer, so they opt for a laptop instead. For those who are unaware of what to look for, here is some information on laptops and what to look for …

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What is BIOS & CMOS and how do I enter it?

BIOS is in every computer system. It stands for basic input-output system. It is the computers microprocessor used by the CPU to start the computer system on. It manages data flow between a computers operating system and attached devices like a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or printer and determines what peripherals are available. BIOS is …

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What are internet cookies?

HTTP cookies are essential to modern day internet. Cookies help personalize and offer more convenient websites to visit. Cookies let the website remember you, your log in details, shopping carts and more. They can also be a mountain of information for criminals to spy on. While many cookies are perfectly safe, you may get a …

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Windows 11

Steve’s finally done it… He was brave enough to switch to Windows 11. With the recent Windows 11 launch late last year, many of the users might not be aware of what differences there will be between 10 and 11. Windows 11 begun its free release to the public on October 5th and came with …

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Services Offered

WAITS are a computer and IT Support for the small business sector and home-based operators. We have cost-effective methods for minimizing network disasters and threats by strengthening your IT infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services including: Call Out/Onsite IT Support – this is the technical assistance we provide on the premises of a …

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