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Strong Passwords & Password Vaults – Are They Worth It?

In today’s digital world, we are constantly required to create accounts and passwords for various online platforms. Whether it’s for your social media account, your online shopping or even your banking, having a strong and unique password is crucial for keeping your personal information safe. However, it can be very daunting trying to remember all these different, unique passwords for each account. This is where password vaults play a big part – they not only help you to create strong passwords but they also store them securely.


One of the biggest mistake people make when creating passwords, is using the same password for multiple account. This is very dangerous as if one password is compromised, then they all are at risk. Hackers use a type of software that tests a list of usernames and passwords to see what other platforms that work on. Therefore, having different passwords for each account is crucial for protecting your personal information from malicious intent. WAITS suggests that you use a combination of words that don’t correlate, as well as capitals and numbers.


Password vaults are secure digital platforms that store all your log in details in one place. They not only help you create strong passwords, but they also save you time by automatically filling in your log in details when you visit a website. Google has one built in; notice how you are logged into Facebook every time? Same vibe.


Using a password vault to create your passwords is a viable idea. They generate unique passwords with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This strength is the first step into securing your accounts. They also provide you with quick, easy access across multiple platforms of technology. You struggle to remember multiple, unique passwords? Well, with a password vault, you only need to remember the one password to access the rest. Not surprising, but password vaults have increased security to make sure your account are safe from prying eyes. Each password input into the website is encrypted as well – so even if someone manages to get in, they can’t get to your passwords without an encryption key.


Not sponsored but WAITS suggests using LastPass to encrypt your passwords. They keep their data and your customer info encrypted in separate areas to further protect your data. Many collect and store all data together, which is a massive security breach. Have a look online at LastPass for yourself but do consider getting a password vault – for your peace of mind.


The key to your house is different to your neighbours – so why are your passwords any different?


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