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Phones! Come Get Your phones!

Phones! Come Get Your phones!

Are you tired of dealing with the big guys? Are they hard to deal with, not always around and they charge you insane amounts for a simple service?

Well then, good news for you! WAITS are now offering VoIP Phones + Systems. We offer competitive pricing, and we are locally owned and supplied. You’ll also be feeling better supporting a small local business instead of the greedy Telcos.

You may have one, but do you know what VOIP actually means? It stands for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, and that is a fancy way of saying the phone uses Internet rather than the original phone line. VoIP phones offer the same services as your regular phone, but the functionality is greater while the costs are lower!

Get in touch with us today and leave all the fuss and headaches to us!

Give us a ring on (08) 9329 6872, or send us an email at steve@waits.biz

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