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PayPal is the safest purchasing option

Did you know that PayPal is considered safer to use online than your credit card? Highly advised as one of the safest ways to do online transactions, PayPal uses some of the best high-end encryption available. PayPal stores all their data in a single online vault, rather than your credit card which can be stored in multiple locations.
However, like any online website, it isn’t completely secure. Even though you’re protected from third parties, you’re not immune to theft, fraud or being hacked. It is extremely important to enable two-factor authentication – not only with PayPal but also wherever else available.
Watch out for phishing scams – PayPal isn’t invincible. It is very important to double check any link that you click on. These fake websites will tell you to enter your email and password and then the scammer will be able to use these to log into your account. Having two-factor authentication will prevent the scammer from logging in – as they’ll need another code to finish the process. This will also alert you to any unauthorized access, and you should change your password immediately.
Don’t be discouraged from using PayPal, just remember to check links and you should be A-OK!
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