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Our New Office!

Welcome back everyone! How was your holiday? Any New Year resolutions?

Have you been to see our new office yet? A few of you have, and lets just say, it’s been a blast having you see our new space!

We have an amazing view of Lake Joondalup and the surrounds, right next door to some coffee shops, the library and more. We like being in the middle of everything – we don’t feel so excluded anymore. Oh, and don’t worry as there is ample free parking!

So hurry up and come see it!


Here are our new office photos! The first one is of the main office which is shared by Steve and Sophie. We are #28!

Photo 2 shows that right across the hall, over in #22 is Jason’s very own office and workspace! As well as Steve’s desk.

Photo 3 shows some of the whole office space, with there being sound-proof cubicles for private matters, and a co-working space with a bunch of computers for use! Down the long hall is where our offices are.

Photo 4 shows the shared kitchen space. Very posh, and it even comes with a coffee maker! It’ll have a lot of use from us ha-ha.

Photo 5 is one of the many meeting rooms available to hire. There’s a few of them, and they all range in size! That one in particular is on the smaller side. We may even have some meetings in there. Very cool!

Hope these are the right way around, otherwise you get the idea.

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