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How to help minimize your PC overheating

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With summer approaching and the days are getting warmer, many of us will have to deal with a hot computer. Signs that your computer is overheating can be: hot to the touch, fans running in overdrive and possibly loud whirring noises coming from inside your PC. Here are some ways we can try and limit our computer from overheating (and therefore extend its life span) this summer:

– Make sure to deep clean your computer every 3 months – its important at the start of Summer. You’d be surprised at how much dust, dirt, pet hair and more gets stuck in your computer, especially in the fans. Refer to our guide on how to do this.

–  Avoid using programs that push your CPU into overdrive. Forcing the CPU to work hard in hot weather will only make things worse, and this can shorten its lifespan which isn’t good as CPU’s are expensive.

– Just like us, computers need their sleep. Make sure to shut down your computer when you’re not using it, like if you’re on your lunch. Putting it in sleep mode means there’s still programs in the back running and it won’t fully cool down.

– Avoid blocking the vents to your computer. Learn where the vents are on your computer and do your best to make sure there isn’t anything surrounding or blocking them. These vents are like our lungs – they need to breathe, and this is the most crucial part in making sure your computer doesn’t overheat as quick.

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