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Flash Sale!

Flash Sale!

All laptops and computers ordered and paid for by 6 pm on the 28th of October will have 10% off.


So, speaking of… The top 10 things to consider when choosing a new laptop. Some information here will also apply when choosing your computer components.

  1. They say size doesn’t matter 😉. That, is, however wrong when looking for a laptop! The most common laptops sold are 15.6 inches. Pick a size that fits with your workstyle.
  2. The more pixels in your display the better looking the image will be. Try for a minimum of 1920 x 1080 or more commonly known as Full HD. Higher end laptops will have many more pixels, up to 4K. This might sound amazing, but this will consume more battery life.
  3. The CPU is your laptops literal brains and defiantly don’t go cheap on this component! The minimum I suggest is an i5.
  4. RAM is basically the short-term memory of your computer. This means how many, for example, Windows tabs can you have open before the laptop starts slowing down. Look for 8GB.
  5. Your budget matters as well. You’re not going to get a powerful, amazing laptop for $200, ya’know? Unfortunately, all the higher end specs cost more and depending on how powerful you want the laptop to be so expect at least $1100 for a decent laptop.
  6. The amount of storage is important as well, but not as much as the others. Opt for a solid-state drive (SSD) over a hard drive. This means you’re looking at over 3 times the speed then a laptop with a hard drive. We recommend 512GB for internal storage.
  7. USB ports are important! You’d want at least 2.
  8. If you plan on carting your laptop around with you, look into having a large battery life, ideally of 9+ hours so you don’t necessarily need to carry the heavy charger around as well.
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