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Computer mites – what are they?

Computer mites – more commonly know as mould mites – are little aphid-like bugs that love to live inside your computer, or more commonly found, inside your laptop. They’re harmless to humans and don’t worry – they don’t have the ability to fly. They are extremely small and take a keen eye to spot – unless the infestation grows. If this happens, you’re more than likely to find that they accumulate under the keys and look very similar to dust.

These mites might swarm to your laptop because you eat around it – crumbs, food and finger grease are known to attract these little bugs. But it also could be that there’s another species of bug inside your laptop they are eating.

The most effective way to eliminate the swarm is to use a bug bomb – which is gas, and gas is good because it will get into all the nooks and crannies inside your device. But this also means that is use in a large area the gas can drift away from where you want it to go – therefore its best to do this in a small space – like your closet, or by putting both your laptop and the bomb into a box.

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