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Check out some VoIP System Features!

Naturally, many people are curious about how VoIP phones work, and how they differ from traditional landline phones. The biggest difference is that VoIP phones use the internet to transmit voice calls, and this feature is key for better call quality and the usage of more advanced features.

Okay.. What are the costs? Well, it’s not as expensive as you may think! These phone systems are typically offer cost savings, as they do not require dedicated phone lines and can be used with existing internet connections. Additionally, by using the VoIP system, you are getting more features and functionality than your traditional landline, so therefore you are getting more value for your money!

VoIP systems have so many features that we wouldn’t be able to list them all… so here are our favourite’s!

  1. Automated Attendant. This is a voice menu system that transfers callers to the appropriate extension without needing a live receptionist.
  2. Call Screening. This is the process of identifying the characteristic of an incoming call before deciding what type of action to make. This optimises time by prioritizing important calls and blocking unwanted callers.
  3. Call Recording. Just as it says! It allows you to quickly capture, play back and archive audio files for future reference or training purposes.
  4. Caller ID. This feature displays the caller information on the phone screen before the call is answered. Such things like, the caller’s name. phone number and sometimes the location is displayed, all allowing you to make the decision of whether to pick up or not.
  5. Do Not Disturb. Annoyed getting out-of-hours phone calls on your existing phone system? Well, look no further! VoIP offers a DND system which prevents incoming calls from ringing within the predefined time and date. When activated, these calls with be redirected to voicemail without ever ringing.

We hope this information is enough to convince you to switch over to a VoIP phone system! With our trusty tech experts, we’ll have you switched over in no time!

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